GOODIE is a Loyalty Exchange Platform

Delivers Predictable, Profitable outcomes that your Business Demands

Goodie empowers merchants to effortlessly generate abundant customer loyalty points while creating a vibrant ecosystem. This powerful platform enables customers to seamlessly redeem and exchange their points across a myriad of diverse merchants.

Our Key Differentiators

Customer Engagement Platform Built to Accelerate Business Outcomes


Optimized for speed to market and change

Our loyalty supports quick activation of earn and/or burn on new behaviors and channels, enabling our clients to quickly optimize their member engagement tactics


Enabled for strategic loyalty partnerships

Our loyalty is backed by the right technology and know-how to facilitate complex loyalty program partnerships with goals to drive member acquisition and grow share of wallet


Supportive tech integration

Indivara does the heavy lifting to integrate into a retailer’s existing technology, or we provide our turn-key Loyalty API documentation if the retailer wants to take charge


Robust promotions management and reward options

Our loyalty platform supports a broad array of promotion types. It has been purposefully built for retail-style promotions and has an intuitive, modern interface for promotion setup and management


Innovative data capture and advanced analytics

Our loyalty platform employs proprietary “listening” technologies that collect valuable member activity data to enrich member profiles. Advanced analytics tools then create more relevant offers, communications, and member experiences

How It Works


Construct your points setup and rules


Integrate your platform to our SDKs


Integrate your platform to our SDKs


Measure your customer engagement through the complete dashboard and analytics

Loyalty Program in Simple Term

Instead of giving straight discount, you issue points with the hope of the customer coming back to do more transactions and generate more revenue for the company.

Program with residual retention and loyalty impact

Unique Value Proposition


Solve the biggest cost item of loyalty program - acquiring merchants to participate in the program (long and tedious bilateral negotiation and discussion). Acquiring merchants to participate in loyalty program is expensive.


Allowing different points to be exchanged while still having the brand keeping their own loyalty points and branding.


Having the point exchange mechanism built in treating points like just different currencies that can be used in different merchants.


Ensuring a seamless and secure settlement process between the different merchants so the different merchants feel secure. Capable of bundling payment with loyalty.


Having multiple different merchants in the ecosystem that could support you to not only exchange points but also redeem points through vouchers, if required.


The power of Goodie is in the network ensuring support for large eco-system to drive the business.

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