Manila, 2019 – Ayala Corp. One of the Oldest and Largest Conglomerates in the Philippines Tie-Up with Indivara Group to Give the Filipinos Broaden Digital Experience

The two companies are forming a joint venture (JV) to provide an integrated payment and reward ecosystem in a single platform for the Philippines’ enterprises.

Cartera Inc. (name of the JV) will enable every enterprise to have its own e-wallet. Either in embedded or standalone mode, their wallet will be integrated with loyalty exchange which could be used across merchants in Ayala’s network. The wallet also enables a user to link their various bank accounts to allow them to do a transaction using their bank account balance.

“Cartera platform will help clients to increase their brand awareness through their own wallet and loyalty points, enhance the customer experience through a bigger network, and help them to monetize their customer base,” said Jusuf Sjariffudin President and CEO of Indivara Group.

At Ayala’s 2019 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting last April, Ayala Chairman, and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said the company is undergoing a massive transformation to ramp up the digitalization of its companies, as this was key to propelling the company into the future.

Zobel emphasized that the corporation, with business interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, water, power, infrastructure, industrial technologies, health care, and education, has started “to participate in digital businesses that we believe are disruptive. These investments are designed to complement our group’s traditional brick-and-mortar operations, future-proof our existing portfolio, and broaden the digital experience of Filipinos.” And this initiative is one proof that digitalization is one of their focus now.

Furthermore, Cartera’s clients will enjoy the benefit of digitalization without putting too much effort and resources into developing it. Features like cashless, multiple payment rules, loyalty exchange for enhancing customer experiences, big data monetization, and others are available and ready to use on the platform.

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