Empowering Success and Celebrating Growth: A Recap of Our Unforgettable Corporate Townhall Event

August 11, 2023  In a dynamic display of unity and achievement, Indivara Group hosted a momentous Corporate Townhall Event that showcased our unwavering commitment to growth and innovation. Held at the prestigious Ballroom of El Hotel Royale Jakarta, this event brought together a vibrant community of 200 dedicated employees, esteemed guests, and stakeholders who play an integral role in our ongoing journey toward excellence.

The highlight of the event was an inspiring address by Pak Jusuf Sjariffudin our visionary CEO, who reaffirmed our trajectory of success and ongoing growth. With a sense of pride, our CEO shared how our group of companies continues to evolve, setting new industry standards and solidifying our position as pioneers in the field. The CEO’s message of sustained growth resonated strongly, setting a powerful tone for the rest of the evening.

An exciting chapter unfolded during the event, as Indivara Group introduced several new esteemed members to our board. These accomplished individuals bring a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives, poised to steer our strategies toward even greater heights. Their presence underscores our commitment to innovation and strategic leadership.

This year’s townhall event witnessed an impressive turnout of approximately 200 passionate employees, all eager to share in the celebration. The atmosphere buzzed with energy and collaboration as colleagues from various departments mingled, fostering connections that will undoubtedly catalyze future collaborations and innovative endeavors.

 A key highlight of the evening was the acknowledgment of outstanding achievements within our Indivara Group family. Awards were presented to commend the best projects, mentors, and trainers who have contributed significantly to our growth and development. This celebration of excellence reinforces our culture of recognizing and nurturing talent at every level of our organization.

As the event drew to a close, a crescendo of excitement enveloped the venue with an electrifying DJ performance that left attendees dancing and rejoicing. The rhythm of the music was a perfect metaphor for the harmony that defines our Indivara Group community. The collective joy was palpable, underscoring our commitment to both professional excellence and camaraderie.

The resounding sentiment among attendees was one of satisfaction and elation. Every participant was left with a sense of belonging and accomplishment, having witnessed the powerful blend of achievement, recognition, and celebration that defines Indivara Group’s unique ethos.

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to innovation, growth, and unity. The Corporate Townhall Event stands as a testament to our collective strength and together we will continue to set new benchmarks, exceed expectations, and make a lasting impact in the region.

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PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia – Jatis Mobile Goes Public

Jakarta, May 2023

PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia – Jatis Mobile (Jamob) one of Indivara Group’s subsidiaries focused on providing messaging solutions by offering a complete range of services (WhatsApp, SMS, and email), chat commerce, and Chatbot with a focus on the enterprise market (B2B) and currently developing the Small Medium Business market officially listed its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the issuer code “JATI”.

In this Initial Public Offering, the company will offer 652,500,000 new shares or 20.00% of the issued and fully paid capital of the company. The company sets the IPO or offering price of IDR 100 per share from the initial offering price which ranges from IDR 100 – IDR 120 per share.

Jatis Mobile has been able to build a strong foundation for long-term growth by pursuing various innovations and developing the latest digital products and services. The funds obtained from the IPO will be used by the company around 55.52%, with details of 27.58% will be used for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, 27.58% will be used for the development of panel application modules, and the rest will be used for the company’s working capital requirements.

Erik Rivai Ridzal, CEO of PT Informasi Teknologi Indonesia explained, “The company’s move to go public is part of a strategy to support the company’s long-term strategy, such as developing business by focusing on three business segments which are, Enterprise Business, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Small Medium Business. The success of the company officially listing on the Stock Exchange is also due to the continuous support from all stakeholders, including OJK, IDX, Underwriters, Supporting Professionals, and of course, all Jatisian who continue to support and believe in the company.”

In this IPO process, the company expresses its deepest gratitude for the trust of capital market players. On the first day based on a fixed allotment, JATI shares experienced a total oversubscription of 12.08 times. This indicates that the public’s interest, both institutional and retail investors with local and international status, to invest in the capital market is currently increasing especially in the technology sector.

Jusuf Sjariffudin President and CEO of Indivara Group and Chairman of Jatis Mobile said, “For the past 20 years, Jatis Mobile has grown from our humble beginning to be the leading  Transactional and Collaborative Messaging platform in Indonesia. With this IPO, we are embarking on our new journey to help UMKM with their digital journey.”

All this great enthusiasm is due to the Company’s good track record and strong fundamentals as a technology company that has been established for 20 years, with a total portfolio of more than 500 Enterprise clients and more than 12,000 SMB merchants, besides that the Company also has world-class service quality. which has served various industrial sectors such as financial services, government, health services, retail, FMCG, logistics, e-commerce, and various other sectors. With long experience in messaging solutions, custom development, and digital distribution channels.

“More importantly, we are able to grow healthily by maintaining the right fundamentals, we have been profitable since our inception and have maintained profitability since our inception 20 years ago when we spun off the company from our holding and maintain a strong technology engineering capability by having all of our products developed internally.  We are proudly Indonesian-made”, adds Jusuf.

In 2018, Jatis Mobile partnered with WhatsApp from Meta and became one of the pioneers of Business Solution Provider (BSP) for the WhatsApp Business Platform in Indonesia. All of these things are in line with the Company’s vision to become the dominant and sustainable market leader for messaging solutions, application development, and digital distribution in Southeast Asia.

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Ayala Corp. and Indivara Group Partner for Enhanced Filipino Digital Experience

Manila, 2019 – Ayala Corp. One of the Oldest and Largest Conglomerates in the Philippines Tie-Up with Indivara Group to Give the Filipinos Broaden Digital Experience

The two companies are forming a joint venture (JV) to provide an integrated payment and reward ecosystem in a single platform for the Philippines’ enterprises.

Cartera Inc. (name of the JV) will enable every enterprise to have its own e-wallet. Either in embedded or standalone mode, their wallet will be integrated with loyalty exchange which could be used across merchants in Ayala’s network. The wallet also enables a user to link their various bank accounts to allow them to do a transaction using their bank account balance.

“Cartera platform will help clients to increase their brand awareness through their own wallet and loyalty points, enhance the customer experience through a bigger network, and help them to monetize their customer base,” said Jusuf Sjariffudin President and CEO of Indivara Group.

At Ayala’s 2019 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting last April, Ayala Chairman, and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said the company is undergoing a massive transformation to ramp up the digitalization of its companies, as this was key to propelling the company into the future.

Zobel emphasized that the corporation, with business interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, water, power, infrastructure, industrial technologies, health care, and education, has started “to participate in digital businesses that we believe are disruptive. These investments are designed to complement our group’s traditional brick-and-mortar operations, future-proof our existing portfolio, and broaden the digital experience of Filipinos.” And this initiative is one proof that digitalization is one of their focus now.

Furthermore, Cartera’s clients will enjoy the benefit of digitalization without putting too much effort and resources into developing it. Features like cashless, multiple payment rules, loyalty exchange for enhancing customer experiences, big data monetization, and others are available and ready to use on the platform.

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Indivara Sejahtera Mandiri (ISeMa) and Canal Globe, Ltd. collaboration

Indivara Group and Nihon Unisys Group, one of the largest technology consulting and services corporate groups in Japan through one of its subsidiaries, Canal Globe have signed a strategic partnership to jointly pursue opportunities across Southeast Asia.

Nihon Unisys Group is a group of technology company specialized in delivering integrated ICT solutions. Nihon Unisys, Ltd. established Canal Globe, Ltd. for fully conducting overseas business. Canal Globe will allow the Nihon Unisys Group to strengthen its strategic partnerships outside of Japan and to fully conduct overseas business through the usage of the know-how of the Nihon Unisys Group and through working with domestic and international customers.

ISeMa is the holding company of Indivara group consulting businesses – JATIS. One of the biggest and respected ICT consulting companies from Indonesia which has a proven track record in implementing complex, large-scale software projects throughout Southeast Asia.

Jusuf Sjariffudin President & CEO of Indivara Group said, “This partnership brings our local expertise, operating in 4 Southeast Asian countries, with Nihon Unisys Group capability in handling large scale and complex ICT projects. Indivara Group has two main lines of business – platform and software development and consulting.  We have a rich history of providing software solutions and services (not hardware trading) and we hope that this alliance, would further allow us to provide value-added service to our client; complete end-to-end and large-scale complex software development and implementation capability. Combining a unique understanding of Enterprise ICT needs and a proven track record in developing “consumer-centric” applications, allow us to uniquely focus on the B2B2C model which is critical in Southeast Asia.”

Southeast Asia is a country with a rising middle class, and a young and increasing digital population, a lot of companies are now going digital and there is a huge demand for ICT company that has the capability to build complex large-scale systems for Enterprises to reach out to their customers.

Nihon Unisys President & CEO, Akiyoshi Hiraoka said, “Nihon Unisys Group will conduct platform business in the growing Southeast Asia market in addition to providing ICT solutions we have, partnering with local companies who know the local market and local culture well”.

Canal Globe President & CEO, Naoko Kurata said “By combining the ISeMa Group’s experience and know-how in ICT business development and implementation of large-scale projects in Southeast Asia and Nihon Unisys Group’ high quality, large-scale project know-how, and Japanese customer base nurtured through many years, the companies will aim to provide further increased value in platform businesses that reach the rapidly growing middle-income segment. Together with the ISeMa Group, Canal Globe will contribute to the development of regional societies by building business ecosystems spanning countries, industries, and businesses for creating businesses that solve society’s problems, centered around Southeast Asia where further economic growth is expected”.

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