Indivara Group and Nihon Unisys Group, one of the largest technology consulting and services corporate groups in Japan through one of its subsidiaries, Canal Globe have signed a strategic partnership to jointly pursue opportunities across Southeast Asia.

Nihon Unisys Group is a group of technology company specialized in delivering integrated ICT solutions. Nihon Unisys, Ltd. established Canal Globe, Ltd. for fully conducting overseas business. Canal Globe will allow the Nihon Unisys Group to strengthen its strategic partnerships outside of Japan and to fully conduct overseas business through the usage of the know-how of the Nihon Unisys Group and through working with domestic and international customers.

ISeMa is the holding company of Indivara group consulting businesses – JATIS. One of the biggest and respected ICT consulting companies from Indonesia which has a proven track record in implementing complex, large-scale software projects throughout Southeast Asia.

Jusuf Sjariffudin President & CEO of Indivara Group said, “This partnership brings our local expertise, operating in 4 Southeast Asian countries, with Nihon Unisys Group capability in handling large scale and complex ICT projects. Indivara Group has two main lines of business – platform and software development and consulting.  We have a rich history of providing software solutions and services (not hardware trading) and we hope that this alliance, would further allow us to provide value-added service to our client; complete end-to-end and large-scale complex software development and implementation capability. Combining a unique understanding of Enterprise ICT needs and a proven track record in developing “consumer-centric” applications, allow us to uniquely focus on the B2B2C model which is critical in Southeast Asia.”

Southeast Asia is a country with a rising middle class, and a young and increasing digital population, a lot of companies are now going digital and there is a huge demand for ICT company that has the capability to build complex large-scale systems for Enterprises to reach out to their customers.

Nihon Unisys President & CEO, Akiyoshi Hiraoka said, “Nihon Unisys Group will conduct platform business in the growing Southeast Asia market in addition to providing ICT solutions we have, partnering with local companies who know the local market and local culture well”.

Canal Globe President & CEO, Naoko Kurata said “By combining the ISeMa Group’s experience and know-how in ICT business development and implementation of large-scale projects in Southeast Asia and Nihon Unisys Group’ high quality, large-scale project know-how, and Japanese customer base nurtured through many years, the companies will aim to provide further increased value in platform businesses that reach the rapidly growing middle-income segment. Together with the ISeMa Group, Canal Globe will contribute to the development of regional societies by building business ecosystems spanning countries, industries, and businesses for creating businesses that solve society’s problems, centered around Southeast Asia where further economic growth is expected”.

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